An unexpected love story.

Hey there! My name is Alex Blondeau and I never would have imagined that I’d become a plant person. I thought that I’d be an adventure guide, an artist, or a professor, but here I am whispering to the tender leaves of native seedlings.

I was first surprised, then smitten, and now hopelessly addicted to a depth of history, beauty, drama, and interdependence that I never knew existed. All this, from what now resides largely in scattered road ditches, railroad right of ways, and the edges of old cemeteries.

Native plants and the ecosystems they comprise are a treasure that goes straight to the heart of our humanity. Yet this gift has been largely forgotten. I’m here to tell its story and to participate in its life. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll join those of us who are working and listening, with attention, curiosity, and wonder!

Pasque flower happily growing