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  • Monarch on meadow blazing star

    Meadow Blazing Star, Liatris Ligulistylis


    Meadow blazing star is a monarch magnet! One of five species of liatris native to Minnesota, meadow blazing star is at the top of the list for migrating monarch butterflies! Hungry monarchs in the process of their fall migration will mob these plants making for a lively display of complementary colors. Other species of liatris…

  • prairie turnip in bloom

    Prairie Turnip Pediomelum esculentum


    The prairie turnip is one of those special plants that carries with it a very rich story. It is called timpsila by the Lakota, tipsinah by the Dakota, and the French called it Pomme de terre. Should you be lucky enough to find one, you know that you are standing on a prairie remnant that…