50 Cell Plug Tray

50 cell, 3″ deep plug tray

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  • Pasque flower in bloom

    Pasque Flower, Anemone patens


    Pasque Flower 2.5″ pot.

  • Joe Pye Weed, Eutrochium maculatum


    Joe pye weed is a large, moisture loving plant with beautiful dusty rose colored flowers. It is highly attractive to many different pollinators, making it a great addition to moist landscape situations that can give these plants a bit of room. Their size and the fact that they spread by seed mean that they should…

  • pollinator starter kit

    Pollinator Garden Kit – 50 Plugs


    This pollinator starter kit is a great way to begin gardening with natives or simply to add diversity to a planting you already have growing! We have selected these plants to provide beneficial pollinator habitat for the full growing season (or from pasqueflowers to New England asters)! Each garden kit comes with a complete Step-by-Step…

  • Monarch habitat

    Monarch Habitat Kit – 25 or 50 plugs


    This plant kit is designed to make it easy for anyone to support the threatened monarch butterfly! The gorgeous swamp milkweed serves as a host for young monarch caterpillars and the meadow blazing star provides food for adult monarchs as they prepare for their fall migration. Though many species of milkweed can serve as host…

  • SOLD OUT! Dry Prairie Starter Kit

    Dry Prairie Garden Kit – 50 Plugs


    This dry prairie starter kit is designed to be an easy way to get started gardening with natives or to add diversity to a dry prairie garden! We have selected these plants to provide beneficial pollinator habitat for the full growing season on sites that are challenging to grow species that require more moisture to…

  • Ground plumb in bloom

    Ground Plum, Astragalus crassicarpus


    Ground plum, also called buffalo bean or buffalo pea is an attractive early-season legume that produces edible seed pods that taste like garden peas. However, some species of Astragalus are poisonous, so one should not consume without being sure of a positive identification. Ground plum is short statured, growing to a  maximum of 12″. In…

  • Little bluestem amidst sunset

    Little Bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium


    Little bluestem is one of the most prevalent and important grasses on the prairie. It serves a wide range of ecological functions for innumerable insect and animal species. In a garden setting it provides visual interest year-round. Beginning with its greenish-blue coloration in early summer, it goes on to produce attractive fluffy seed heads into…