Potted native grasses

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  • Blue grama in bloom

    Blue grama, Bouteloua gracilis


    Blue grama is a unique short statured grass native to dry prairies of Minnesota. If you’re feeling a little silly you might call it “eyebrow grass,” as the seed heads look like a bunch of little eyebrows nodding in the breeze. Blue grama is a clump forming grass that is an attractive compliment to shorter…

  • Little bluestem amidst sunset

    Little Bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium


    Little bluestem is one of the most prevalent and important grasses on the prairie. It serves a wide range of ecological functions for innumerable insect and animal species. In a garden setting it provides visual interest year-round. Beginning with its greenish-blue coloration in early summer, it goes on to produce attractive fluffy seed heads into…

  • Clumps of prairie dropseed growing on a fall prairie

    Prairie Dropseed, Sporobolus heterolepis


    It’s hard to beat Prairie Dropseed when it comes to gardening with native plants. Its lovely growth habit forms a tussock of slender green leaves in the summer before sending up delicate feathery seed heads.  I’ve always said that the way the leaves grow makes it look like someone buried a troll head in the…

  • Side-oats grama in bloom

    Side-oats Grama, Bouteloua curtipendula


    Side-oats is unique among grasses native to Minnesota. In mid-summer they produce a bloom of tiny orange flowers that dangle from what will become their seeds! It is a relatively short, clump forming native grass that is an attractive compliment to shorter statured flowers. It pairs well with other short native grasses like little bluestem,…