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  • Hyssop with bumblebee

    Blue Giant Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum


    Blue giant hyssop, also called anise hyssop, is among the very best plants to have in a pollinator garden. It has a long bloom period that attracts a range of pollinators all season long! Additionally, its fragrant leaves smell and taste like licorice, great for making tea! This is also a quick establishing plant, often…

  • Ground plumb in bloom

    Ground Plum, Astragalus crassicarpus


    Ground plum, also called buffalo bean or buffalo pea is an attractive early-season legume that produces edible seed pods that taste like garden peas. However, some species of Astragalus are poisonous, so one should not consume without being sure of a positive identification. Ground plum is short statured, growing to a  maximum of 12″. In…

  • prairie onion in bloom

    Prairie Onion, Allium stellatum


    Prairie onion is a common resident of dry gravely slopes. Starting the season as a few nondescript flat leafs, it soon develops a nodding pod of papery flowers. Mid-summer, it pulls itself upright and bursts open into a firework display of star-shaped flowers. Colors range from white, to pink, to lavender. Its visual interest lasts…

  • SOLD OUT! prairie turnip in bloom

    Prairie Turnip Pediomelum esculentum


    The prairie turnip is one of those special plants that carries with it a very rich story. It is called timpsila by the Lakota, tipsinah by the Dakota, and the French called it pomme de terre. Should you be lucky enough to find one, you know that you are standing on a prairie remnant that…

  • Mountain Mint

    Virginia Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum virginianum


    Crushing mountain mint between your fingertips for the first time is a revelation! Hand collecting native seed all day can lead one to feeling a little beat up. I will regularly seek this plant out and its sent will brighten me right up! Mountain mint is a long blooming mid to late summer plant with…