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  • Prairie violet in bloom

    Prairie Violet, Viola pedatifida


    Viola pedatifida is lovely early-season violet that can be found in drier open prairies. Not to be confused with Viola sororia (common blue violet), which spreads vigorously by both rhizome and seed, prairie violet makes a nice early season edge plant for smaller plantings that on the drier end of the spectrum. It can be…

  • Blue grama in bloom

    Blue grama, Bouteloua gracilis


    Blue grama is a unique short statured grass native to dry prairies of Minnesota. If you’re feeling a little silly you might call it “eyebrow grass,” as the seed heads look like a bunch of little eyebrows nodding in the breeze. Blue grama is a clump forming grass that is an attractive compliment to shorter…

  • Downy Gentian in Bloom

    Downy Gentian, gentiana puberulenta


    Downy gentian (sometimes called prairie gentian) is a hidden gem in the world of native prairie flowers. It’s the kind of flower that is spoken of in hushed tones by the botanical crowd, its locations shared only with those deemed ready to approach it with the proper respect. Unlike other native gentians, the downy gentian…

  • Slender Beardtongue in bloom

    Slender Beardtongue, Penstemon gracilis


    Slender beardtongue is one of five species of penstemons native to Minnesota. Of those species, it is one of three found within our growing region alongside white beardtongue (Penstemon albidus) and large-flowered beardtongue (Penstemon grandiflorus). Like white and large-flowered beardtongue, slender beardtongue prefers relatively dry, well draining sites. Its growth habit is the most delicate…

  • Pasque flower in bloom

    Pasque Flower, Anemone patens


    Pasque Flower 2.5″ pot.

  • SOLD OUT! Hoary Puccoon growing in a ditch

    Hoary Puccoon, Lithospermum canescens


    Hoary Puccoon is a bright addition to spring prairies. Its lively yellow/orange flowers are a treat to find during a season when most vegetation is only just beginning to green up. It is among a handful of indicator plants that are used to determine if an area is likely to be a remnant prairie or…

  • Wood lily in bloom

    Wood Lily, Lilium philadelphicum


    Our wood lilies will be offered for sale for the first time in the spring of 2024. This slow growing plant can take up to three years to reach maturity, even in a greenhouse setting. Sign up for email notifications above to be the first notified when these amazing plants are ready for sale! Read…

  • Blanket flower in bloom

    Blanket Flower, Gaillardia aristata


    Unlike the short-lived, fat, red, blanket flowers that you might find at your local garden center, gaillardia aristata is a true Minnesota native! Principally a northwestern inhabitant of the mixed grass prairies, it is a fantastic garden flower due to its bright showy flowers and exceptionally long bloom time. This species is declining in Minnesota…

  • prairie smoke waving in the breeze

    Prairie Smoke, Geum triflorum


    Among the most whimsical of all prairie flowers, prairie smoke is an important early blooming resident of dry prairie environments. Often found on rocky hillsides, its flowers first emerge like the sleeping heads of a red dragon. Bumblebees are the only pollinators strong enough to cross pollenate prairie smoke, but once their work is done,…

  • Dotted blazing star in bloom

    Dotted Blazing Star, Liatris punctata


    Dotted blazing star is one of five different species of liatris that is native to Minnesota, along with meadow blazing star, prairie blazing star, rough blazing star, and cylindric blazing star. Of the five, it is found in the driest habitats. As such, it is also a relatively short statured plant, growing only to about…

  • Downy painted cup in bloom

    Downy painted cup Castilleja sessiliflora


    Downy Painted Cup (also called Downy Paintbrush, Great Plains Paintbrush, Great Plains Indian-paintbrush) is an early blooming plant of dry areas with very poor soil. It is partially parasitic, attaching itself to the roots of nearby plants thereby sharing moisture and nutrients. It has very attractive spiked blossoms that bloom early in the season. Once…

  • Pollinator Starter Kit

    Pollinator Garden Kit – 50 Plugs


    This pollinator starter kit is a great way to begin gardening with natives or simply to add diversity to a planting you already have growing! We have selected these plants to provide beneficial pollinator habitat for the full growing season (or from pasqueflowers to New England asters)! Each garden kit comes with a complete Step-by-Step…