Carolina Larkspur, Delphinium carolinianum


A very uncommon plant to find in west central Minnesota. I know of only a couple sites that it grows. Carolina Larkspur is a striking plant to discover in the wild. It can stand up to four feet tall and is graced with lovely white flowers along its entire length. It prefers dry, sandy conditions and so would make a fine rock garden plant or be suitable for restorations. During hot conditions the plant will go dormant with leaves returning in the fall. It is, like all larkspurs, also a toxic plant to mammals. However it is an important pollinator, and is of special use to bumblebees.

Life Cycle: Perennial
Size: 2-4 feet
Sun: Full, Partial
Soil: Medium, Medium-Dry, Dry
Bloom Time: June, July
Advantages: Bird Favorite: Habitat, Food Source Deer Resistant


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