Wild Bergamot, Monarda fistulosa


Wild bergamot, also called bee balm and spotted horsemint, is a common, early-successional prairie plant with several wonderful characteristics. When in bloom, its little firecracker-style blossoms are almost continuously visited by bees. I can hardly form an image of these flowers in my head without a bee rummaging through its petals! Just as the bees are drawn to it, humans are likewise attracted to its showy flowers and lovely aroma. There’s nothing like it! For gardening purposes, its adaptability to a wide range of soil types makes it a low-fuss choice for all but the wettest garden sites.

Life Cycle: Perennial
Size: 4 feet
Sun: Full, Partial
Soil: Medium-Wet, Medium, Medium-Dry, Dry
Bloom Time:  July, August, September
Advantages: Pollinator Favorite Bird Favorite: Habitat, Food Source Deer Resistant Highly recommended for home gardens


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